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The Morcai Battalion
March 2017

WILL OF STEEL (reissues)
Bestselling Author Collection
Mass Market Paperback
HQN Books
ISBN-10: 0373012136
ISBN-13: 978-0373012138

Will of Steel "The Men of Medicine Ridge" by Diana Palmer (originally published December 2010 as Silhouette Desire #2054)


It takes a hard and determined person to be a rancher in Medicine Ridge, Montana. No man is harder than police chief Theodore Graves, and no man is more determined to keep his uncle’s ranch in the family instead of being sold to developers—but one woman might be.

The ranch was coowned by Jillian Sanders’s uncle, and she’s just as resolved to stay on the ranch. The only problem is she and Theodore fight like cats and dogs. And their uncles’ wills stipulate that in order to keep the land, they must be married…


Texas Wild "Westmorland" by New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson (originally published October 2012 as Harleqin Desire #2185)

Megan Westmoreland needs answers about her family’s past, and Rico Claiborne is the man to find them. But when the truth comes out, will Rico offer her more than a shoulder to lean on?

April 2017

The Morcai Battalion #4
Mass Market Paperback
HQN Books
ISBN-10: 0373789912 ISBN-13: 9780373789917

New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer returns with the next edge-of-your-seat installment of The Morcai Battalion series.

Rhemun, commander of the Cehn-Tahr Holconcom, has worked tirelessly to get where he is—and he’s not going to let any human drag him back down. Especially not Lt. Commander Edris Mallory, whose very presence aboard the Morcai serves as a too-painful reminder of a past tragedy he can neither forgive nor forget.

But Mallory has secrets of her own—ones she can’t afford to see come to light. Frantic to protect herself, she flees, abandoning her position. When Rhemun learns of her devastating situation, he realizes the all-consuming feelings he’s harbored for her may not be hatred. But in a vast universe rife with peril, is it already too late?

June 2017

Long, Tall Texans
First Time in Paperback

Mass Market Paperback
HQN Books
ISBN-10: 0373801971
ISBN-13: 978-0373801978

The man who shattered her trust is back to protect her…

New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer delivers a breathtaking story of second-chance love.

When Paul Fiore disappeared from Isabel Grayling’s life, he told himself it was for all the right reasons. She was young and innocent, and he was her millionaire father’s lowly employee. Three years later, Paul is the FBI agent assigned to Isabel’s case. Too late, he realizes what life in her Texas mansion was really like back then—and how much damage he did when he left.

Once love struck and sheltered, Isabel has become an assistant district attorney committed to serving the law, no matter how risky it gets. But right now the man she can’t forgive is the one person standing between her and a deadly stalker. She knows Paul won’t hesitate to protect her life with his own. But if she can’t trust herself to resist him, how can she trust him not to break her heart all over again?

Originally published July 2016 in hardcover.

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